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Offering a full suite of logistics service, our top priority is to meet all the needs of our customer.
As a manifested by our in-depth experience of adding new values, people’s creativity and overcoming
challenges, we will continue to devote our considerable energies.

Global Project Logistics is a leading and successful company in
Korea with the in-depth knowledge and expertise in Project

The company provides customers' industrial projects of various
sizes and types with superial quality and high value. Armed
with professional staff with broad experiences and knowledge,
Global Project Logistics delivers complete customer satisfaction
no matter how tough or big a project is.

Together with those fully committed internal staff, Global
Project Logistics’s success comes from its world-wide network
of agents and associates sevicing both in Korea and in every
corner of the world.

Global Project Logistics understands the importance of
environment and shares the importance with its customers.


Global Project Logistics Co., Ltd. has been assessed by International Certification Registrar Ltd.,
in respect of their Quality Management Systems and found to comply with ISO 9001:2008.

Certificate Scope : International Forwarding Business, Logistics Consulting, Management Consulting,
Trade and Services.